Sim rules

18+ Adult Sim

  1. All users must be 18+
  2. All characters must be 18+ and look 18+
  3. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying
  4. No metagaming, powergaming, or godmodding
  5. Keep OOC to the OOC group and IM only
  6. Respect user limits - always ask for consent
  7. 3 strikes, you’re out policy (unless accused of bullying, hate speech, or not asking consent) You get three warnings, then the banhammer.
  8. Please do not advertise other sims/groups in our channels

Our posting etiquette

Keep it para

Be thoughtful – don’t disappear on folks to attend to other things unless you let them know

Keep the post order unless someone disappears for more than 15 minutes

  1. Please don't just jump into an rp - nudge a character involved first
  2. Do not enter a sanctuary of a race without making prior arrangements with a member of that race
    1. These sanctuaries are heavily guarded and can only ever be overrun in certain situations
  3. Do NOT enter rentals you do not own
  4. Do NOT use scripts that will disrupt the sim and its users
  5. Character actions will lead to character consequences
  6. Please contact the owner of a business before causing damage to it
  7. You are considered in-character unless you are wearing an OOC tag
  9. We allow cross-sim roleplay
  10. You do not need citizenship to rp as a human, just know, you will not receive the citizenship tag if you don't apply