Enter the intrigue of Clifton Forge, a sleepy city nestled in idyllic mountains, where blissful everyday living masks a darker and more turbulent truth. Attacks by wild-beasts are becoming an all too common rationale for the rising body-count; the unknown animals growing bolder and even leaving bodies in the lesser occupied areas of the city-proper. Meanwhile the glamour of a wealthy population continues to dazzle as high summer is in full effect. All manner of depravity conceals itself behind a flawless veneer here; the Hotel's facade is cracked by stories of staff suicides, the Church here asks for alms - but whether it intends to divert these funds to charitable causes or fill its own coffers is unknown. A harried city cop turns Sheriff in what some might see as a peaceful retirement plan, while others wonder why she has escaped to a more pastoral clime. Everyone has a secret - what is yours?

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